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Our Purpose

iPowerUp is laser-focused on sustainable power solutions for the rest of us. Initially for mobile phones, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Decades of Innovation

Our collective history in designing, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and selling innovative and high-performance technologies is now converging on unique micro solar recharging devices.


Each team member comes equipped with over 20 years of knowledge and experience to dramatically reduce the learning curve in developing, validating, designing, producing, selling, and providing user support for solar smartphone cases and similar mobile products.

Bridge into the Woods

The Team

Seasoned, professional, and with specific industry expertise providing real advantages.

Jerry Bessa
Founder  |  Co-CEO  |  Linkedin Profile

More than 30 yrs experience in portable alternative energy technologies including solar, thermal, piezo, fuel cells, wireless RF energy, and traditional power technologies. Specializing in R&D, design, and manufacturing to create unique technology applications for the consumer alternative energy accessory market. A highly focused, creative, and extremely innovative applied-engineering technologist.

Gaurav Mishra
Co-CEO  |  Linkedin Profile

Global President and CEO of US Orthopedic, Ottobock, the world’s largest prosthetic and orthotic rehab company with 10 R&D and Manufacturing plants, and 30,000 products. Grew EBITDA from $90M in 2010 to $220M in 2016 and sales from $650M in 2010 to $1.3B in 2016, —the best in the company's 102 years. As CEO of Rowheels/RehabPulse, restructured the business into an industry-leading technology platform, raised $12M, and led 4000% revenue growth.   As CEO of US Orthopedic Services, led the turnaround of its underperforming business with game changer billing business models. Involved in 20 major acquisitions across manufacturing and services businesses in the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Rob Gemmell

Key designer and marketer at Apple who helped create the Apple brand personality working frequently with Steve Jobs. His expertise spans hardware and App product design, marketing, campaign development, go-to-market strategy, branding, social media marketing, and e-commerce sales. He has built teams from scratch to over 100 creative and marketing professionals, winning numerous awards along the way. He is extremely customer-centric while leveraging marketplace data to inform compelling and effective marketing campaigns.

Suby Joseph
CFO  |  Linkedin Profile

Suby has over 23 years of experience as a global corporate finance executive, combining progressive leadership experience and strong business acumen with crucial competencies. Excels at structuring capital deals, budgeting, relationships with lenders and investors, due diligence, and presenting the business case to C-suite and investor audiences. Knowledgeable in startup valuation, financing strategies, Blockchain models, and risk analysis. Expertise in equity partnerships, capital runway, refinance, systems and process implementation, competitive analyses, and risk management.

Jeff Sobel
CRO  |  Linkedin Profile

Jeff has over 30 years of experience developing successful business opportunities with big box retailers, A few examples are: Best Buy, GameStop, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, Office Depot, Staples, and BJ’s. Others included are specialty retailers, small and midsize retail chains, major e-commerce outlets, Telco and Cable companies. Jeff has valuable national and global product placement experience working with industry-leading sales companies. Further uniquely skilled in sales strategies, reseller marketing programs, inventory analysis, forecasting, team building, and leadership. Jeff is analytical, forward-thinking, creative, and passionate.

Martin Cox
CTO  |  Linkedin Profile

Martin, has over 25 yrs experience in R&D, engineering, design, program management, and IRAD for commercial, defense, microwave, energy, and space applications. His responsibilities included managing over 100 engineers simultaneously in highly technical and diverse engineering projects and reducing company engineering overheads by 50% on multiple projects. Martin is an experienced and innovative engineer in the alternative & traditional energy space. He has an MBA & BSEE and is currently the CEO of Force Engineering.

Herman Jianto
Director of Manufacturing  |  Linkedin Profile

Herman has over 30 years of experience as owner/operator of Cybermaxx, an electronics engineering, design, manufacturing & QC Contract firm with offices in Shenzhen, China, and San Jose, CA. In charge of prototype & design development, onshore and offshore engineering, manufacturing, production, and ISO 9000, RoHS, and Six Sigma quality controls. Herman has an MSEE and BSEE and speaks 5 languages.


Michael Ma
Solar Technology Advisor

Mike is a highly motivated, entrepreneurial, accomplished senior business executive leader with over 20 years of experience in mono/polycrystalline, CIGS, and InGaAs space solar cell technologies for multinational corporations with global footprints. Specialized in global business development, JV & partnership development, program management, global R&D/innovation, and CIGS solar processing programs, and has 30 granted US/PCT Patents.

Theodore Maloney
Legal Corporate Advisor

Ted is a Corporate Attorney with over 25 years of experience with M&A, debt and equity financing, and corporate governance. Over the years consulted with many corporations in capital formation, corporate operations, and expansion. Ted has extensive experience in renewable and alternative energy, battery technologies, consumer electronic devices, semiconductors, data storage and distribution, health and fitness, marketing, and sales for all forms of consumer products and technology.

Billie Feldman
Marketing Advisor

Billie is a Producer & Director; with 16 Credits in her 20-year successful career as a producer and director for full-length Movies, Documentaries, and Shorts. Will advise on our internal digital video marketing, advertising, and messaging campaigns and co-manage/oversee our contract DRSM/DRTV marketing/advertising.

Solar Panels

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