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They will only grow over the next 5-10 years.

for peace of mind and to help make a big difference

New phone batteries are good. —But not good enough for the way many phone owners use them.
This is also true for hundreds of millions of other small electronic devices.

An Opportunity

55% of respondents called having their phones die a "nightmare scenario"
1.6B iPhone users worldwide in 2022.
124M in the US.
401M tablets sold worldwide in 2022.
176M laptop users worldwide in 2022.
216M smartwatch users worldwide in 2022.

The Opportunity

We Have a Big Head Start

  • We’ve been developing solar-powered and battery chargers since 2007.

  • We have patents that include 78 claims so far. Patents are good for another 10 years.

  • Our patents have been successfully defended in open-and-shut cases in US Federal Court twice.

  • Some of the secret sauce is simply embedded in our methods, which of course, are secret.

Our Advantages

Clever Engineering

Enables easy scalability and manufacturability in multiple locations worldwide.


We’ve sold over 19,000 previous chargers and solar cases with rave reviews from owners.

Seasoned Team

Our founder and team have over 20 years each, in innovative product development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales with companies including Apple.

Rapidly Scalable Technology


No rivals for our solar cases!

Perceived rivals make heavy and bulky battery packs or banks. And, those packs and banks with solar cells take all day, or multiple days, to fully solar charge.

This product isn’t hard to explain, sell or scale.

People instantly "get it" when they see it. When they learn about its backup power capabilities they're typically "sold". And its compact size makes it simple to rationalize for millions of people.

Join our mission to keep people powered up

Help empower your world!

Our Purpose

iPowerUp is laser-focused on sustainable power solutions for the rest of us. Initially for mobile phones, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Stay charged for days

The Ultimate Smart Backup Power Case: Powered by the Sun

For anyone who’s away from a power plug in NYC, to a village in outer Zanzibar!



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