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Sunset over the Mountains

It's about more than being prepared.

—It's about freedom!

More efficient solar power. 

  • It's a phone case-power bank that does so much more

  • One hour* of sunlight powers two or more hours of phone use 

  • Efficiently transfers 95%* of backup power to your phone

  • Over 95%* battery charge retention monthly when idle

It's a Smart Case

Intelligent solar power and backup power storage
  • It tells you the optimal angle for charging

  • Efficiently stores and manages your energy

  • It communicates with your phone, even remotely

Unlimited power yet unnoticeable.

People instantly "get it" when they see the Uno. And when they discover its amazing backup power capabilities they're "sold". Its compact size makes it readily available for anyone, anytime!

Uno Solar Case | Single Cell

A huge leap in solar charging in the thinnest solar case available. It's just 1/8" thicker and 1/4" taller than a typical iPhone 13/14, plus 15, cases. So, you'll hardly feel the difference in your pocket. And its weight is barely noticeable at under 4 ounces.

Built-in class-A battery for high performance

1-hour solar charge for 1-2 hours* of continuous use

Proprietary battery management maintains energy storage at 95%* efficiency

More details coming soon...

iPowerUp single panel solar iPhone case
iPowerUp dual panel solar iPhone case

Duo Solar Case | Dual Cell

Faster solar charging in the thinnest dual-panel solar case available. It's 1/4" taller and just 1/4" thicker than a typical iPhone 13/14, plus 15, cases. You'll hardly feel the difference in your pocket. Its weight is still remarkably light at under 6.5 ounces, including the second panel and durable hinge.

• Built-in class A battery for high performance

1-hour solar charge for 3-4 hours* of continuous use

• Proprietary battery management maintains energy storage at 95%* efficiency

More details coming soon...

Keep your phone charged while off the grid

Smart Power + Protection App

Peace of Mind App


• Case & Phone Power levels

• Solar energy collection & intensity 

• Temperature protection for case and phone

• In-App power management & transfer

* Performance claims are based on common conditions but may vary considerably.

Product specifications and performance are subject to change without notice.

We Have a Big

Head Start

  • The team has been developing and optimizing power, battery, and solar technologies for well over 15 years individually and now together.

  • Innovative product design thinking has led to remarkably efficient micro-solar power collection, transfer, and storage technologies.

  • We're exclusively mobile-device focused, so everything is about reducing size, weight, and wasted energy.

  • Much of our secret sauce is protectively hidden in our unique trade secret methodologies.

Our Advantages

Original Thinking

A Protected Solar Case Marketplace

Utility Patent awarded with 58 claims

Methods Patent awarded with 20 claims

Patent Protection covers:

  1. True wireless charging

  2. Maximized solar collection/reception/storage

  3. Optimized sunlight solar charging 

New patent opportunities coming

Founder’s Early Success

2017-2019 | iPowerUp Dual and Single Fusion Dual Cell designs

In 2022 we reorganized into a new company.
  • Further advancing the technology
  • New seasoned and professional team
  • Strong reseller interest leading to soft order commitments
Solar phone charging

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