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We’re Back! Here's why you might care.

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

It's about more than preparing for natural disasters, power-grid failures, and pandemics. —It's about freedom!

Solar-powered devices can roam. Endlessly!

We design and make innovative solar charging phone cases. The most obvious customers are campers, outdoor workers, and people living off the grid. But almost all of us are potential customers because losing power at home for more than 8 hours, a dead phone at an outdoor event, commuting on mass transit without recharging capabilities, or simply forgetting to recharge long enough can be a real problem. What might be an annoyance could become a real crisis.

In the US, 55% of survey respondents say having their phones die is a "nightmare scenario." A smart phone case with a built-in solar collector would ease that concern if owners knew that with 15-30 minutes of sunlight, they could charge their dead phone, creating 30 - 60 minutes of continuous use.

Embrace your independence

The more connected we are, the more remote and independent we seem. Ironic, isn't it? But this means we're freer to be ourselves, profit from more career choices, and live the lives we dream of. If you knew that adding a solar charging case to your phone meant you wouldn't have to find a wall plug for your phone again, what life changes could you make? You'd now be able to stay connected, or use your phone even while disconnected, endlessly.

Have we provoked some new thinking?

Our plan (to enable more freedom)

Pre-announcing the new iPowerUp and our Fusion 3 Smart Solar Phone Case

iPowerUp is restarting itself. Why? For the reasons above, and because amazingly, no one else is making high-quality, high-performance solar phone cases. We've done it successfully before, so we have a big head start this time.

Some history. iPowerUp shipped thousands of solar charging phone cases and backup battery packs to very pleased customers until a few years ago when its biggest retail customer went bankrupt, two planned acquirers' fortunes changed, and then Covid arrived.

Now, Jerry Bessa, the founder, has rebuilt the team with members having deep experience working with innovators like Motorola, Toshiba, and Apple, to design and launch the Fusion 3 Smart Solar Phone Cases.

  • The new cases will be hardly noticeable in your pocket or bag. They're very lightweight and slightly deeper and taller than the case you likely have on your phone right now. The cases can be charged while on your phone or off, so you can use and charge them simultaneously.

  • The cases protect your phone from drops in addition to wirelessly charging your phone. And they're lightly colored to prevent overheating in the sun and boost visibility to prevent them from getting lost.

  • They'll let you know before they need to be recharged and tell you when they're fully charged. They will be the first truly Smart Phone Cases on the market.

Want to participate in launching the Fusion 3?

If you like what you see and might be a product crowdfunding backer, you can sign up for updates as we prepare here.

If you'd like to consider investing in this $2B market opportunity, you can sign up for updates as we prepare our investment campaign here.

Stay tuned for more news coming soon!


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